Events. Why Law City ?

Updated: May 5, 2020

Words by Dorothy Adu-Mfum

With so many opportunities available to aspiring solicitors, why are Law City events important?

Although there are several opportunities for aspiring lawyers to visit firms and gain an insight into life as a lawyer, the application process can be intimidating and is often limited to a specific age demographic. According to the Chambers Students “Law firms’ preferred universities 2019” 76.5% of trainees selected to work at the leading 130 firms are Oxbridge and Russell Group graduates which consist of only 24 universities. The clear barriers to entry stacked against students who do not attend independent schools and the lack of exposure to information and opportunities for aspiring lawyers from low socio-economic backgrounds is what makes Law City events important.

We understand that law firms require the best talent in order to remain at the cutting edge of the industry and meet their respective business objectives as well as deliver to meet client requirements. As we partner with representatives from leading law firms and chambers in London, we bring the experiences, knowledge and insight to aspiring lawyers from low-socio economic backgrounds without the stress of a rigorous and competitive application process. This means individuals who may not have attended independent schools or Russel group universities can begin to compete effectively as peers.

We have seen how beneficial this is through the feedback we receive from guests now actively pursuing their legal careers with confidence after attending our events. We understand that Law firms cannot tackle the issue of social mobility on their own; but rather benefit from working with organisations such as Law City to move forward and create a fairer environment.