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Law City takes a multi-pronged approach when facilitating social mobility within the legal industry. There has been progress in increasing social mobility as top firms realise that the legal industry is failing to represent the social and economic diversity of the U.K. Nonetheless, some of the initiatives and opportunities presented are not equally available to all and in many cases do not reach the audience that will benefit most from such opportunities as research suggests.


  • The Social Mobility Commission report, published in February 2020 states that “while only 7% of the public were privately educated, 71% of barristers and 27% of CEO’s attended independent schools.”

  • Similarly, those who attend independent schools make up 43% of graduates from Oxford and only 37% of graduates from Cambridge as reports show.

  • Furthermore, a report showing ‘Law firms’ Preferred Universities 2019’ conducted by the Chambers Students' shows that 76.5% of trainees selected to work at the leading 130 firms are Oxbridge and Russell Group graduates. 

There is evidence of barriers of entry for aspiring lawyers who have attended state schools often due to a lack of social mobility. Although certain opportunities may be tailored to them, this is only catered to a very small percentage of them due to application limitations or simply a lack of awareness of availability of opportunities. 

Dorothy Adu-Mfum

Founder of Law City

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At Law City, we realise that the competitive nature of the legal industry can be a deterrent for aspiring lawyers. From speaking with many young people, it is common to find out that despite having a passion for Law, the legal industry often looks complex to navigate and at times unattainable; especially with those from low socio-economic backgrounds. Law City aims to make a legal career more accessible for aspiring lawyers by connecting them with existing lawyers in the City of London and exposing them to leading firms and chambers from early on in their career, especially those in Higher Education. 


The only requirement to join the Law City community or attend our events is having an interest in Law. This removes the obstacles of age, grades, experience or costs. We believe in doing so, we are able to find future talented lawyers who otherwise would not pursue a legal career due to barriers of entry.


We inspire excellence in young people by exposing them to lawyers practicing within the best firms and chambers in London. Having Partners and Chief Executives attend and speak at our events gives students as well as associates the opportunity to not only visualize a goal but receive mentorship and practical guidelines to excel within the legal industry.





Lastly, we prepare aspiring lawyers from low socio-economic backgrounds for working life as a lawyer in the city. Through our workshops and events, we are able to give an insight into different areas of law and provide them with the tools to explore and build a career within these areas. Our blogs are tailored to our audience as they tackle frequently asked questions and gives them access to vital information needed to become a lawyer.