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"Law City is really helpful and important for people like me as it gives an insight into law and makes it more accessible . It disperses myths and stereotypes that may prevent people from underrepresented backgrounds from pursuing a career." - Gabriella Mula

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What makes a Law City Student

Ambassador ?

1. Being an enthusiastic, friendly and engaging representative passionate about social mobility in the legal sector
2. Promoting Law City events and blogs on social media and your own initiatives.
3. Assisting Law City at events
4. Recruiting other Law City ambassadors.
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Valuable experience and skill
As a Law City ambassador, you will gain valuable skills and experience through being involved in our workshops, events and research opportunities.
Open access to our events 
Opportunity to attend and be involved in the planning process of  all our events.
Networking opportunities
Chance to meet industry professionals and  work with other aspiring lawyers.
Be part of something fulfilling
Obtain gratification from knowing that you are helping others develop themselves and build their legal  careers.

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